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A&G Mail Day – 7/27/09 (trade with Mike from JD’s Wild Cardz)

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I sent over a slew of cards to Mike at JD’s Wild Cardz this weekend and he returned the favor.  I received the cards today which is impressive considering he mailed them from Oregon on Friday or Saturday.  Anyways, we basically traded a bunch of 2009 A&G that either of us needed for our want list.  Only problem is, since he sent his package I went out and bought another box, so now I am only using one of the 19 base cards he sent over.  However, he also sent over 12 Ginter Code cards, and I think I need 10 of them.  Thanks Mike, let me know when you get your package!

I’ve edited my want/trade list for 2009 Allen and Ginter to the right (although I haven’t had a chance to input all of the minis I have available), let me know if you need anything I’ve got or if you have anything I need!

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July 27, 2009 at 10:32 pm

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2009 Topps Magic Football Pack Break

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I stopped by my local Target today to grab a few things, and had to abide by my golden rule:  when inside a Target, thou must purchase cardboard.

I’ve bought a ton of baseball the past few months, and a little bit of basketball, but haven’t bought much football at all, even though it is arguably my favorite sport.  I don’t know much about the current football products so I grabbed Topps Magic, as the retail box boasted of one auto per box.

You can see the scans below (for some reason there looks to be a lot of faint horizontal lines through the cards, not sure what is going on with my scanner but those aren’t really on the cards).  If you have an interest in any of these cards let me know, I’m not really a fan of any of these players because none of them are wearing a Bengals uniform (WHO DEY!).


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July 26, 2009 at 10:09 pm

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2009 A&G Box Break Results #3

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So my local hobby shop East End Sports Cards had talked to me about coming in to get a picture for the shop and their website because they wanted to brag about having the 2009 Ginter Code breaker as a customer.  I finally made it in there today and was given some very very sad news…the shop will be closing down!  Sad day for me as it is pretty much the only decent shop in town.  They say they plan on opening back up before Christmas at a new location, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Anyways, I also went up there to look for some singles to complete my two A&G want lists for 2009 (base set and the code cards).  I went through the singles they had left to match my list and pulled about 10 base and 5 code cards.  I also grabbed some season highlight sketch cards for fellow code cracker Mike at JD’s Wild Cardz.  So I had about 20 cards total and asked for a price and he said I could just have them (he threw in last month’s Beckett as well).  After the generosity I had to buy something so I threw down my $100 and caved in for another box of Ginter (and it was a good one!).  Here’s the rundown:

First, the Boxloader: Grady Sizemore.  Okay I was a little thrown off by this one.  My first two boxes had boxloaders that were about 6 inches tall, whereas this one was just a tad bigger than a normal card.  Oh well.

Base set: I received 133 base cards with no doubles.  70 of these cards were still needed for the base set, so I was pretty happy with that.  Mike mailed me about 20 base cards today that I needed, but now I only really need one of those.  Sorry Mike! After today’s box, the cards I got from my hobby shop, and Mike’s generous gift, I’m down to 26 base cards, and 25 of those are SPs.  If you have what I need let me know!

Ginter Code parallels: 2  (Peavy and Andrew Miller)  **Mr. Miller’s code card (shown below) was a key component to the Ginter Code…another infamous boxed “L”!  When I first found out this clue when the code cracking first got started, I informed Mario at Wax Heaven that I thought “Andrew Miller is going to be a huge part of the code”.  I was right!

Regular base Minis: 10 (Ellsbury, Nobel, Tuiasosopo, P. Coke, Pedroia, D. Lowe, Sizemore, Danks, Aviles, Huff (SP))

A&G-back Minis: 7 (Hermida, R. Perry, Morse, Victorino, D. Murphy, E. Cabrera, Burrell (SP))

Black border Minis: 3 (B. Giles, S. Olsen, A. Gordon)

World’s Biggest Hoaxes mini: 2 (Anna Anderson, Runaway Bride)

National Heroes mini: 2 (NH31, NH33)

National pride: 24 (N1-N6, N56-N75)  I already had each of these, so if you are trying to complete this set let me know!

Baseball highlights: 3 (Rivera, Longoria, Lidge) Funny thing about this is that these are three of the sketch cards I picked up for Mike today.  Guess I can keep one set for myself now.

Relics:  Okay I typically never have good luck when it comes to hits.  Not even typically, I have no luck period.  Today made up for that pretty nicely.  I pulled an A-Rod and Ryan Howard relic, both with fat pinstripes down the middle, along with an Alex Rios auto redemption.  Speaking of which, I hadn’t heard of anyone pulling a redemption card out of this product before this one, have you?  The relics are a tremendous addition to my collection.

Here are some scans…if you have any interest in any of these let me know (except for my relics!).  My base card want list, along with my base card trade list is in the link to the right.  Haven’t had a chance to add the code card want list but will soon.   Stop back by and lets work out a trade!Ginter Box #3

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July 24, 2009 at 11:50 pm

The Card Podcast / Interview is Up!

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Mike and I were lucky enough to be interviewed on The Card Podcast at  Check it out here!

By the way, does anyone else get goosebumps watching highlights of the perfect game???

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July 23, 2009 at 11:29 pm

2009 A&G Box Break Results #2

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Ladies and Gents, here are the results from my 2nd box break of 2009 A&G.  This was definitely the better box of the two!

First, the Boxloader: CB7 (George Washington & Alexander Hamilton Constitution signing)

Base set: I received 131out of the 350 base cards, no doubles.  After combining these with my first box, I’ve gotten 264 base cards and only 13 of those were doubles.  Pretty nice!  Even better was that 9 of the 13 are SP’s (well, not better when you consider that just gives me more SPs I need).

Ginter Code parallels: 2  (J. Loney & E. Renteria)  **Mr. Loney might be single-handedly responsible for me pursuing the Ginter Code…that tricky boxed “L”!  Thanks James!

Regular base Minis: 11 (J. Bruce, C. Duncan, A. Harang, R. Weeks, A. Tunniciffe, R. Harden, A. Gonzalez, B. Webb, W. Glenn Eller, M. Kemp, D. Navarro)

A&G-back Minis: 5 (C. Parris, E. Volquez, J. Saltalamacchia, A. Soriano, K. McConiughey)

Black border Minis: 3 (F. Liriano, C. Carpenter, J. Shields)

Bazooka back Mini: 1 (J. Lester)

World’s Biggest Hoaxes mini: 2 (Bathtub, Ferdinand Waldo Demara)

National Heroes mini: 2 (NH12, NH35)

National pride: 24 (N1-N13, N66-N75)

Baseball highlights: 4 (K-Rod, Yankee Stadium Farewell, D. Wright, Ichiro)

Relics:  3 (R. Doumit jersey, M. Holliday jersey)

**Rip Card!!: When I first saw the rip card I saw the gold foil “15/25” on the front and I was wondering what in the world it was.  Carlos Quentin, hmmm…Turned it around and realized it was a rip card and I was set with a dilemma – to rip, or not to rip, that is the question.  I mean come on, that’s like holding a pack of ’52 Topps and trying to decide if you should bust it for the Mantle. OF COURSE you bust it for the Mantle, or at least I would :).  So yea, I busted it and got a…wait for it…wait for it…Justin Upton mini?  Funny thing is, I think someone said they saw another Quentin rip card on eBay with the same Upton mini included.  Wish I wouldn’t have ripped it now, oh well!

Here are some scans…if you have any interest in any of these let me know.  My base card want list, along with my base card trade list is in the link to the right.  I also think that I might try and do a TTM set of the Ginter Code cards in honor of being the code breaker this year.  Stop back by and lets work out a trade!

Ginter Box #2a

Ginter Box #2b

Ginter Box #2c

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2009 A&G Box Break Results #1

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Now that all of the Ginter Code madness has started to settle, I can finally get to reviewing my boxes!  I’ll do one today and save another for later this week.

I purchased these boxes from East End Sports Cards here in Louisville, KY at $100 a piece.  Allen & Ginter was arguably my favorite set to come out last year so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  I’m going to work on completing the base set, and I’ll be open to trading any of the other minis, relics, etc.

Unfortunately I didn’t know about the Gint-A-Cuffs contest or I would have done my review in that format.  Because I opened the boxes a week and a half ago, I’ll just stick to what I came out with.

First, the Boxloader: CB4 from the World Baseball Classic, and includes Dice-K.

Base set: I received 133 out of the 350 base cards, no doubles

Ginter Code parallels: 2  (M. Parry & J. Lopez)

Regular base Minis: 12 (W. Williams, M. Navarro, B. Dewitt, Teixeira, Beltre, Kuroda, K. Greene, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Mora, Pettitte, S. Drew, & Baldelli)

A&G-back Minis: 5 (D. Fowler, B. Berg, Suppan, C. Davis, Sizemore)

Black border Minis: 2 (Millwood & Haren)

Extinct Creatures mini: 1 (Dodo bird)

World’s Biggest Hoaxes mini: 2 (James Reavis, Wisconsin Capitol)

National Heroes mini: 2 (NH5, NH20)

National pride: 24 (I actually recieved every card from N43 to N66)

Baseball highlights: 4 (Sabathia, D. Price, Griffey Jr., Lidge)

Relics:  3 (A. Laroche jersey, J. Upton jersey, E. Longoria jersey)

Here are some scans…if you have any interest in any of these let me know.  My base card want list, along with my base card trade list is in the link to the right.  Stop back by and lets work out a trade!

2009 A&G Results


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Ginter Code Solution Blog – Going Live Tonight!!

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Mike and I are making the finishing touches on a solution blog for the 2009 Ginter Code.  We plan on taking it live at 5pm ET tonight…please check it out:

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July 21, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Wax Heaven interview…

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July 21, 2009 at 12:07 am

I Cracked the Ginter Code…

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As of now I’m sure many of you have heard about how I (Nick J.) cracked the Ginter Code after about 2 days worth of work, along with a fellow blogger, Mike from JD’s Wild Cardz.  It was an exhausting couple of days but it has been a great feeling since I submitted the answer Monday evening.

I started this blog about a month ago or so, mostly looking to find good trading partners, but started to wonder how I would ever be able to build up a decent blog following.  Well, hopefully my recent publicity will gain me some visitors, and of course, new trading partners!

Mike and I are currently working on a step-by-step solution blog, and I believe it will be revealed this week as it has been in the works for a few days now.

Hope to hear from you, please leave a comment!

50 - Neshek

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