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2009 A&G Box Break Results #1

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Now that all of the Ginter Code madness has started to settle, I can finally get to reviewing my boxes!  I’ll do one today and save another for later this week.

I purchased these boxes from East End Sports Cards here in Louisville, KY at $100 a piece.  Allen & Ginter was arguably my favorite set to come out last year so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  I’m going to work on completing the base set, and I’ll be open to trading any of the other minis, relics, etc.

Unfortunately I didn’t know about the Gint-A-Cuffs contest or I would have done my review in that format.  Because I opened the boxes a week and a half ago, I’ll just stick to what I came out with.

First, the Boxloader: CB4 from the World Baseball Classic, and includes Dice-K.

Base set: I received 133 out of the 350 base cards, no doubles

Ginter Code parallels: 2  (M. Parry & J. Lopez)

Regular base Minis: 12 (W. Williams, M. Navarro, B. Dewitt, Teixeira, Beltre, Kuroda, K. Greene, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Mora, Pettitte, S. Drew, & Baldelli)

A&G-back Minis: 5 (D. Fowler, B. Berg, Suppan, C. Davis, Sizemore)

Black border Minis: 2 (Millwood & Haren)

Extinct Creatures mini: 1 (Dodo bird)

World’s Biggest Hoaxes mini: 2 (James Reavis, Wisconsin Capitol)

National Heroes mini: 2 (NH5, NH20)

National pride: 24 (I actually recieved every card from N43 to N66)

Baseball highlights: 4 (Sabathia, D. Price, Griffey Jr., Lidge)

Relics:  3 (A. Laroche jersey, J. Upton jersey, E. Longoria jersey)

Here are some scans…if you have any interest in any of these let me know.  My base card want list, along with my base card trade list is in the link to the right.  Stop back by and lets work out a trade!

2009 A&G Results


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July 21, 2009 at 10:34 pm

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