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2009 A&G Box Break Results #2

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Ladies and Gents, here are the results from my 2nd box break of 2009 A&G.  This was definitely the better box of the two!

First, the Boxloader: CB7 (George Washington & Alexander Hamilton Constitution signing)

Base set: I received 131out of the 350 base cards, no doubles.  After combining these with my first box, I’ve gotten 264 base cards and only 13 of those were doubles.  Pretty nice!  Even better was that 9 of the 13 are SP’s (well, not better when you consider that just gives me more SPs I need).

Ginter Code parallels: 2  (J. Loney & E. Renteria)  **Mr. Loney might be single-handedly responsible for me pursuing the Ginter Code…that tricky boxed “L”!  Thanks James!

Regular base Minis: 11 (J. Bruce, C. Duncan, A. Harang, R. Weeks, A. Tunniciffe, R. Harden, A. Gonzalez, B. Webb, W. Glenn Eller, M. Kemp, D. Navarro)

A&G-back Minis: 5 (C. Parris, E. Volquez, J. Saltalamacchia, A. Soriano, K. McConiughey)

Black border Minis: 3 (F. Liriano, C. Carpenter, J. Shields)

Bazooka back Mini: 1 (J. Lester)

World’s Biggest Hoaxes mini: 2 (Bathtub, Ferdinand Waldo Demara)

National Heroes mini: 2 (NH12, NH35)

National pride: 24 (N1-N13, N66-N75)

Baseball highlights: 4 (K-Rod, Yankee Stadium Farewell, D. Wright, Ichiro)

Relics:  3 (R. Doumit jersey, M. Holliday jersey)

**Rip Card!!: When I first saw the rip card I saw the gold foil “15/25” on the front and I was wondering what in the world it was.  Carlos Quentin, hmmm…Turned it around and realized it was a rip card and I was set with a dilemma – to rip, or not to rip, that is the question.  I mean come on, that’s like holding a pack of ’52 Topps and trying to decide if you should bust it for the Mantle. OF COURSE you bust it for the Mantle, or at least I would :).  So yea, I busted it and got a…wait for it…wait for it…Justin Upton mini?  Funny thing is, I think someone said they saw another Quentin rip card on eBay with the same Upton mini included.  Wish I wouldn’t have ripped it now, oh well!

Here are some scans…if you have any interest in any of these let me know.  My base card want list, along with my base card trade list is in the link to the right.  I also think that I might try and do a TTM set of the Ginter Code cards in honor of being the code breaker this year.  Stop back by and lets work out a trade!

Ginter Box #2a

Ginter Box #2b

Ginter Box #2c

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July 22, 2009 at 11:48 pm

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