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2009 A&G Box Break Results #3

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So my local hobby shop East End Sports Cards had talked to me about coming in to get a picture for the shop and their website because they wanted to brag about having the 2009 Ginter Code breaker as a customer.  I finally made it in there today and was given some very very sad news…the shop will be closing down!  Sad day for me as it is pretty much the only decent shop in town.  They say they plan on opening back up before Christmas at a new location, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Anyways, I also went up there to look for some singles to complete my two A&G want lists for 2009 (base set and the code cards).  I went through the singles they had left to match my list and pulled about 10 base and 5 code cards.  I also grabbed some season highlight sketch cards for fellow code cracker Mike at JD’s Wild Cardz.  So I had about 20 cards total and asked for a price and he said I could just have them (he threw in last month’s Beckett as well).  After the generosity I had to buy something so I threw down my $100 and caved in for another box of Ginter (and it was a good one!).  Here’s the rundown:

First, the Boxloader: Grady Sizemore.  Okay I was a little thrown off by this one.  My first two boxes had boxloaders that were about 6 inches tall, whereas this one was just a tad bigger than a normal card.  Oh well.

Base set: I received 133 base cards with no doubles.  70 of these cards were still needed for the base set, so I was pretty happy with that.  Mike mailed me about 20 base cards today that I needed, but now I only really need one of those.  Sorry Mike! After today’s box, the cards I got from my hobby shop, and Mike’s generous gift, I’m down to 26 base cards, and 25 of those are SPs.  If you have what I need let me know!

Ginter Code parallels: 2  (Peavy and Andrew Miller)  **Mr. Miller’s code card (shown below) was a key component to the Ginter Code…another infamous boxed “L”!  When I first found out this clue when the code cracking first got started, I informed Mario at Wax Heaven that I thought “Andrew Miller is going to be a huge part of the code”.  I was right!

Regular base Minis: 10 (Ellsbury, Nobel, Tuiasosopo, P. Coke, Pedroia, D. Lowe, Sizemore, Danks, Aviles, Huff (SP))

A&G-back Minis: 7 (Hermida, R. Perry, Morse, Victorino, D. Murphy, E. Cabrera, Burrell (SP))

Black border Minis: 3 (B. Giles, S. Olsen, A. Gordon)

World’s Biggest Hoaxes mini: 2 (Anna Anderson, Runaway Bride)

National Heroes mini: 2 (NH31, NH33)

National pride: 24 (N1-N6, N56-N75)  I already had each of these, so if you are trying to complete this set let me know!

Baseball highlights: 3 (Rivera, Longoria, Lidge) Funny thing about this is that these are three of the sketch cards I picked up for Mike today.  Guess I can keep one set for myself now.

Relics:  Okay I typically never have good luck when it comes to hits.  Not even typically, I have no luck period.  Today made up for that pretty nicely.  I pulled an A-Rod and Ryan Howard relic, both with fat pinstripes down the middle, along with an Alex Rios auto redemption.  Speaking of which, I hadn’t heard of anyone pulling a redemption card out of this product before this one, have you?  The relics are a tremendous addition to my collection.

Here are some scans…if you have any interest in any of these let me know (except for my relics!).  My base card want list, along with my base card trade list is in the link to the right.  Haven’t had a chance to add the code card want list but will soon.   Stop back by and lets work out a trade!Ginter Box #3

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July 24, 2009 at 11:50 pm

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  1. thats a good box. nice relics and the redemption should be cool. I am not normally down with the mini, but if you want to save the sox cards for me, that’d be great!


    July 25, 2009 at 12:37 am

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