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So it begins…

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Houston, we have a problem…I can’t stop buying wax!!  Okay so a few months ago my girlfriend, knowing I’m a huge sports fan, sent me an article from Yahoo that she thought I might like.  Pretty neat stuff considering I used to collect baseball cards about 15 years ago.  I then saw the link at the end of the article about the 1983 Fleer Project.  That my friends, is when my life took an unexpected turn (some say for the worst, I say for the better!).

This blog is built to chronicle my life and times as a collector in The Hobby, and share with each of you as my collection grows.  I hope to meet some great trading partners, and maybe a few friends along the way.  A special shot out to Mario at Waxheaven, he is my inspiration, and I can only hope that my blog becomes as successful as his (congrats on 1,000,000!).

I hope to do video box breaks, do contests, show mail days, give my want lists, and give some good posts on the hobby in general.  Please bookmark me, keep visiting, and comment on my posts!

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June 18, 2009 at 3:08 am

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